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Odeon GM

Odeon GM

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▪️You can use this as is or as a project
▪️Good/Project use condition
▪️No cracks, rips, or tears on the canvas
▪️Has a tear on the zipper rail but it has no problem in closing and opening.
▪️Shiny and vibrant Canvas
▪️Normal wear on Interior no bad stains
▪️No Peeling or stickiness
▪️The zipper works okay but there’s a tear
▪️There’s a piping exposed on one side of the corner but this can be fixed.
▪️No foul smell or unwanted smell.
▪️DateCode DU 4058
▪️Made in France 🇫🇷
‼️Please take a look at the descriptions and the pictures below to check the condition of the item before the purchase.
‼️Please manage your expectations because
this is a pre-owned item and it shows normal wear there are some small details that might be missed in the description and pictures. If you have concerns or questions don’t hesitate to message me.

Bag Care Tips

1. Research the leather

2. Regularly maintain your bag

3. Protect the interior

4. Remove stains immediately

5. Rotate your bags

6. Store your bags immediately

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