About Cherry

Cherry's journey as a luxury collector took off in the 1990s when her husband accompanied her to a Louis Vuitton boutique to choose a birthday gift. On that memorable day, she was captivated by the beauty of the bags and couldn't resist the allure of collecting more.

One of the key reasons behind Cherry's husband's choice of a luxury item was the belief that investing in products that retain their value over time is a wise decision. "Luxury is an investment," Cherry emphasized, echoing his sentiment.

This statement truly left a lasting impact on Cherry's mindset. As her adoration for Louis Vuitton deepened, she felt compelled to share her passion with others.

In 2014, Cherry ventured into the world of online sales, specializing in luxury vintage items. Starting with just a modest selection, her inventory grew to encompass thousands of bags that are now shipped worldwide. Notably, the American market has become her primary focus.

Cherry finds inspiration in the satisfaction of each of her clients, and she envisions continuing to spread happiness across the globe. Join her on this remarkable journey and become a part of her story.