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Louis Vuitton Trousse 28

Louis Vuitton Trousse 28

通常価格 $275.00 USD
通常価格 $349.00 USD セール価格 $275.00 USD
セール 売り切れ
Very Good use Condition
▪️CANVAS: Vibrant and shiny, No cracks rip or tears
▪️INTERIOR: Light wear but no bad stains.No peeling, sticky, and No foul smell.
▪️EXTERIOR: No peeling or sticky and not fading
▪️ZIPPER: works very good
▪️No piping exposure
▪️Made in France 🇫🇷
▪️Datecode 845 May 1984
➡️ Please take a look at the descriptions and the pictures below to check the condition of the item before the purchase.

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2. Regularly maintain your bag

3. Protect the interior

4. Remove stains immediately

5. Rotate your bags

6. Store your bags immediately


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